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Best Cleaning Products to Use During Pregnancy

Dr. Megan, Eagan - MN chiropractor, talks about the cleaning products she used during pregnancy that are safe for both her and the baby. There are too many products today that are toxic for your health so pay attention to what you are using!

Pregnancy Tips - The Power of Epsom Salt Baths

Dr. Megan talks about the power of Epsom Salt Baths and how they can help with muscle aches, relaxation, sleep.

Baby Ergonomics: Part 1

What's lurking beneath your baby's carseat?

Dr. Kristin, Eagan - MN chiropractor, shares valuable information on how to improve the ergonomics of your baby's carseat. Many carseats today have inadequate seat padding. Watch her explain how to correct this problem. If you have a baby you won't want to miss this!

Baby Ergonomics: Part 2

The Breastfeeding Mistake Most Moms Make

Dr. Kristin shares about a common mistake moms make when breast feeding and how to correct it.

Baby Ergonomics: Part 3

Baby Slings and Carriers

Dr. Kristin tells us what baby sling and carrier she uses and explains how to find the right one.

Pregnancy Tips - Best Chair to Sit On

Dr. Megan talks about the chair she used during her pregnancy. An exercise ball is wonderful to avoid back pain and keeps your joints moving.

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