What to Expect on Your First Visit

Your First Visit at our Eagan Chiropractic Clinic

Your first visit will begin with a consultation with one of our Doctors. During this consultation, the Doctor will review your past and present medical history and assess you can benefit from chiropractic care. Also, feel free to ask the Doctor any question you may have.  One of our primary purposes for your first visit is to make sure that all your questions are answered.

If the Doctor thinks that you will benefit from chiropractic care, they will proceed with a thorough examination of your spine. Our Doctors are committed to providing honest & affordable chiropractic care. Therefore, before conducting any additional services beyond this consultation, our Doctors will discuss any additional charges with you.  You can rest assured that you not get a suprise bill from us!

After your first visit, our Doctors will spend several hours compiling the findings of your medical history, examination, and spinal x-rays. After this thorough review of your case, they will present their findings to you on a second visit and make recommendations regarding further care.